Chocolate Vanilla Layer Cake

cake 1My daughter turns 17 tomorrow so she requested a chocolate vanilla layer cake. This is fantastic because I also love this cake. I am a real fan of the vegan cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. I heavenly ever baked the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, but they are so dang good, I just haven’t ventured past page 38.
I don’t have permission to reprint the recipes, but you can buy their fantastic book HERE and check the recipes out yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  Since getting their books, I just can’t even consider making cakes with eggs and butter any more.  These cakes are THAT GOOD.

Cake 2

So to the buttercream. I used Gretchens Bakery’s  Aquafaba Swiss Buttercream recipe.  I’m actually NOT a fan of buttercream, or sugary frosting, but I have yet to find a nice frosting that is vegan, low sugar and low fat (yes, that would be fresh strawberries).  But when you make a cake, you need to covert in something and I really cannot stomach the amount of sugar used in American buttercream.  Even when I use Xylitol, it’s still too sweet.

TopI had a major FAIL with this buttercream because I was cock sure of myself that I was an expert and I did not measure my ingredients (I don’t need that much shortening!).  Needless to say – if you want your stuff to work out, follow the recipe to the letter.  Normally I weigh everything so I’m not sure why I just eyeballed it this time.  To cut along story short, eventually it worked out fine.

The chocolate mousse is adapted from an ice-cream recipe from From The Land We Live On. This (or variations of it)has been my go-to recipe for all things chocolate for the past year: ice-cream, mousse, easter egg filling, frosting -you name it, I use it.  I now know it so well I can make it without the recipe.  I even delete the coconut oil and halve the number of dates and it still tastes absolutely sensational.

So, as my friend Gretchen would say, this is a ‘building on recipes’ cake.

You need to make:

1 recipe of Vanilla Cupcakes (made into two 6″ round cakes)

1 recipe of Chocolate Cupcakes (made into two 6″ round cakes)

1 Recipe of  Chocolate Ice Cream (refrigerated – not frozen)

1 Recipe of Aquafaba Buttercream (2/3 vanilla, 1/3 chocolate).  To make the chocolate I just added 1/4 cup of raw cocoa powder.

Now, If this was MY cake, I would have added some home made sugar free cherry jam – but that’s just me.  I’m addicted to black cherries.

So, It was pretty simple.  I didn’t actually need to torte the cakes as they baked nice and flat.  To stop them from crowning I always use Wilton Bake Even Strips. I built the cake in the 6″ pan lined with Glad Wrap then froze it overnight as this buttercream is very unstable in the heat of Hong Kong.

Cut cake1 layer of chocolate cake , 1 layer of chocolate ice-cream, 1 layer of vanilla cake,  1 layer of chocolate ice-cream, 1 layer of chocolate cake.  Then a crumb coat of vanilla buttercream and back in the freezer, followed by a final coat of chocolate buttercream.  The decorations are King David Vegan White Chocolate Chips.  So cute.  So yummy.

I hope you give this cake a go.  It is moist and yummy and completely vegan.  Enjoy.


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