White Christmas (Vegan)

IMG_1696This is not really a recipe per sé. But if you are in  bind ad have a vegan friend coming over for Christmas and all your nibblies are full of eggs and butter, you can quickly whip this out – IF you have the right ingredients on hand that is.

1 Package of King Davis Vegan White Choc Chips
Handful of low sugar dried cranberries
Handful of  Pistachios – unsalted and hulled
10-12 Vegan Marshmallows – chopped into mini size

Line a loaf pan with parchment
Melt the Whit Choc chips in the microwave in a glass jug
Sprinkle all other ingredients evenly in pan
Top with melted chocolate and spread around
Refrigerate till hardened then cut into bite sized serves.

Enjoy!  Merry Christmas



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