First Cake: Christmas 2014

So I might as well start this blog at the beginning. For Christmas 2014 I bought myself a Wilton Decorating kit along with all the tips, bags, spatulas and flower roses. Being with family who were both traditional (“Healthy cake? No thanks. Cake is not meant to be healthy”) and some who had food intolerances (no Gluten, no coconut) of course I needs to make 2 cakes. This one is the “bad” cake. Sugar, butter, white flour and more sugar and butter for the frosting. It is a traditional vanilla butter cake with buttercream frosting. The red frosting was a drag to make. If you want really really red frosting, you must make it a couple of days in advance. You will drive yourself bananas and use up all your red gel colour if you try to achieve a true red on day 1.  My tip is to make it as red as you can, then shove it in the fridge overnight. More likely than not, the colour will intensify over time.


 So here is my first attempt at different piping tips. I used a petal tip 104 for the holly leaves, a star tip 16 for the snowman (TIP: Outline the snowman with a toothpick first then smooth on a little white buttercream inside the lines so you have a white background to work with. I didn’t do that so you can see the red poking through. It’s not as polished as I would have liked).

For the fine work, I bought premixed Wilton premixed icing tubes. These are great because they stay fresh (well they have preservatives) and if you only need a bit, you don’t need to make up a colour batch. So I swapped out tips to get the desired result. They are great for writing too.

So this is 2 layer 8″ round. To fill, crumb coat and decorate took 3lb of confectioners sugar and 300gm butter!  I left this one for the family to eat. One slice of that would put me into a sugar coma.

GEAR LIST: If you need to buy the necessary ingredients and tools to make this cake, please click on the links below.  You will be taken to my Amazon store. I receive a small commission from your purchase, which will help me keep this site free.  Thanks for your support.

Wilton Decorating kit This is the ULTIMATE in decorating.  If you think you will take up cake decorating as a hobby – get this one.
Beginners Decorating Kit
Wilton premixed icing tubes.
8″ round cake pan.  This is a set – but I find its better to gt a set so you can do layered cakes.
vanilla butter cake
Wilton gel colour

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