Baby Duck Cake

 Friends of ours recently had a baby girl. So this gave me an excuse to make a Baby Duck Cake. This is only the second Duck cake I have made. The first one was for my son’s 18th birthday.  You can see that one here.

I started off with a traditional Vanilla cake made in a Wilton Duck Cake pan.  Stupidly, last time I put it in the dishwasher and pretty much ruined it. So if you have any anodised aluminium pans don’t  put them in the dishwasher. Anyway, half the head fell off as I was removing it from the pan. So make sure you prepare your pan properly.

First I covered the ducky in white chocolate ganache to crumb coat it (and glue the head back on).  You can find the ganache recipe here.  You will notice in the photo below that the head is all uneven but the body is smooth. Well, first I applied a layer of ganache then put her in the fridge to harden. Then I went over her with a hot metal spatula to smooth her out. You want the ganache as smooth as possible so your fondant doesn’t look lumpy on top.

Before applying the fondant she was back in the fridge for a bit then a complete coating of piping gel. This stops the fondant sticking and allows you to slide it around a bit whilst you sculpt the duck shape. Once it sets however, the gel is like glue. It won’t budge.

The last duck I made, I covered the head and the body separately which required a collar at the join. I tried to do this one with one piece. It was a bit tricky and I managed to get a couple of nasty tears and some ruching at the tail. I think this will be a skill that needs mastering.  Mistakes are the instrument of creativity and without them I wouldn’t have thought to put the water around her. So I it all worked out in the end.

As with any crafty project, I  guess I’ll just have to make more ducks to get it right. If you know how to cover a very uneven shape in fondant seamlessly, please let me know in the comments.

I made the pacifier and the bow a couple of days beforehand and mixed some gum paste in with the fondant so that they dried hard. In this climate fondant won’t dry by itself.

Well, here she is. She’s not perfect but I think she is pretty cute. Let me know what you think.  If you would like me to make you a duck cake please contact me via my contacts page.

Duck movie

GEAR LIST: If you need to buy the necessary ingredients and tools to make this cake, please click on the links below.  You will be taken to my Amazon store. I receive a small commission from your purchase, which will help me keep this site free.  Thanks for your support.

Vanilla cake
Wilton Duck Cake pan
Piping Gel
Gel Colors (for coloring the fondant)
White Fondant (Get white and color it yourself – its more fun)
White Chocolate Chips and Cream (Both for the ganache)
Fondant Decorating tools.  This is a big set, but it is pretty much everything you will need for lots of cakes – and it’s not expensive.
Gum paste

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